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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
This isn't an argument.

Are you just trying to +1 your post count, or do you intend to contribute something to the thread?
I always hate it when people do that. I hate how you could spend several minutes, or even an hour composing a response and you still get only one post under your belt. You just as easily could write something like this for another +1.

But this will have some content, so it won't be marked as spam.

I think that video games do inspire violence within children, but the issue is by much much it influences the child. Parents can influence their children and those who've never played a video game could simply be violent for other reasons.

I would say mario brothers isn't exactly a violent game, although it does have all the elements of one without the realism to it. Dark Forces was not bloody, but it had guns, grenades, and assault cannons. First person shooters are very inspirational to physical violence, but there are many others that direct violent tendencies in the wrong ways.

Flight simulators are not what I would call violent, but they do involve competition where one person is firing missiles and dropping bombs on enemy forces in order to kill or to survive. That's something to consider is the level upon which the violence is directed. Virtually anything that inspires people to want to hurt digital people is likely going to pour into their real lives to some degree.
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