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^^^Although much better grip and many maneuvers are made easier, some are more difficult. Overall it lessens and conserves the energy and movement requirements in order to be effective and it changes the angle a bit. I could understand why you'd choose this.

It also works quite well in most forms, not just the contention form (from 2 makashi). In fact, "Bane of the sith"(Predating AOTC and dooku)--neither the novel nor comics, describes Darth Bane as using a "hooked" handle lightsaber. The novels do, too. However, every official picture I have seen shows him with a regular style hilt. Bane used multiple forms and styles.

My experience with sword hilts that have a curve are that upward movements with the back edge are made somewhat less effective--not that this is necessarily a huge problem most of the time, though.

For fencing, I have not noticed the downsides at all, though.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
You seemed to think this through.
It is what I was taught, *as* I was taught.

That's one of the reasons that I selected double sabers instead of the single hilts; because they are much more versatile. In Jedi Academy, I have twin sabers, but often use only one for when I use Force attacks. When I used Force powers that augment my lightsaber fighting, I go all-out attack with both sabers.
Well, I like double bladed consisting of two sabers. The kotor double bladed or better known as Exar Kun original design is okay but inflexible. That's the problem with staff configuraitons is that they can be unwieldy. But it is solid and ferocity can make up for the higher difficulty in precision with this variant.

However I like the double that can become 2 single sabers for the very reason that it covers so much more. Having 2 variants in one.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
One of my favorite shots with lightsabers is when Starkiller is about to confront his master with that Shien form grip against Vader igniting his saber as everyone else does.
If I am not mistaken there is an additional name to Shien for the grip he uses. I wish I could find it because people confuse this Shien with the older form 5 Shien which is quite the traditional way. If I am also not mistaken, starkiller also uses Ataru and Juyo--I don't think the KOTOR rules necessarily apply like they used to for all the forms w.r.t. weaknesses and strengths. Not anymore.

I suppose that I make this poll not so much for KOTOR, but Star Wars in general. No saber fight was ever like Maul with his saberstaff because it was more elaborate and complex to fight with. No single-saber fights were ever done that well.
Ray park is also a wu-shu instructor and is very well versed in Kendo. Have some articles on him and how he got the part as darth maul, however what primarily got him the part was not only his vigilance with skills, but also his ability to become the part he played. "Like a hungry ferocous lion" as mr Park said in one interview.

Originally Posted by Burnseyy View Post
I chose twin hilts. Because although I like double bladed saber, the twin hilts just look altogether better and better to usem IMO.
Why not have the double bladed made of two sabers that can detach and become two single blades? I went with that.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
And the twin-hilt fighting style is essentially mastering the single-techniques and then going beyond that.
Essentially, yes. Dual one-handed.

In some asian styles this might seem like a big deal b/c normally it is about wielding one blade with 2 hands, but european fencers, that's natural to start with. It depends, really. But to the point, yes, it's essentially what you said.

Then there is "bastard sword" which is considered hand-and-a-half sword which can use a one handed or a two handed style. Chinese Dao is also much similar to this in its own right as it has the same wield characteristics.

True that you lose the ability to grasp one weapon with two hands, I find escrimas much more fascinating to watch a master use than a staff.
True. Consider that your maneuverability and agility is increased with one handed use. You might lose strength and certain grip and/or leverage, but it also forces the wielder to be smarter (more effective, deadlier) about their dueling technique.

Staffs use their simplicity as a strength. Leverage and impact increase as a double sided weapon as well as defense and fortitude.

In defense of the one weapon, two hands variant: your parrys, blocks, cuts and thrusts are more solid. If one could master one handed on both sides and 2 handed as well, you could very well use the two interchangably.

Although some could really do wonders with a katanna, it's the complexity of moves that you have to master for two-weapon fighting that I find most impressive.
As I said earlier Miyamoto Mushashi founded a school of 2 sword fighting with the katana.

And to be honest, 2 single weapons are rather versatile because regardless of the culture of a style or form that uses it, the weapons have basically the same requirements and considerations for wielding.

Just think: you could incorporate: Kenjuitsu, fencing, other euro bladework, eskrima/arnis, chinese bladeworks (Gong Fu and Taiji Qian; better known in america as kung fu and tai chi) all in one and become unpredictable.

A standard staff would be much more realistic than a saberstaff because you can't get the leverage that's supposed to come with a broader grip. Ray Parks had to modify his fighting style in order to work with the double-bladed lightsaber, but that style wasn't as effective as the one he would use with a standard staff.
On top of that the length of it was also a bit longer than he was tall. A staff should ideallly match your height. Could be shorter and it'd be easier, but you lose effective radius as well as impact. Lengthening it does the opposite but makes it harder to wield.
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