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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
On top of that the length of it was also a bit longer than he was tall. A staff should ideallly match your height. Could be shorter and it'd be easier, but you lose effective radius as well as impact. Lengthening it does the opposite but makes it harder to wield.
I get your point. I have a staff that is WAY too broad for my height and I often find a staff half the length easier to maneuver. I can see that having a shorter hilt for a saberstaff would allow for faster swings, but you increase the risk of dicing yourself in the process. The benefit of having twice the slaughter per swing is offset by that opposite blade which you always have to be aware of.

I get what you're saying about having a multiple number of attack forms, but I just have issues with the lightsaber staff. I would say that the lightsaber pike makes much more sense because you have a much broader grip to work with. The loss of the opposite blade is more than compensated with the elongated cortosis-coated staff which acts just as a standard blunt weapon that won't cut through your flesh when you need extra leverage.

I know that this is really not associated with KOTOR at this point, but I just wonder what an expert would think.
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