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I thought of who the main character should be. They would be called Alpha-59 and the Arc with you in solo and the second co-op character would be Alpha-18. I want to have new characters since Alpha is already a well known character. I will change Alpha to Alpha-59 in the level list. Also what should Alpha-59 and Alpha-18's nicknames be. Give me some ideas, probably something Mandalorian. I thought of stuff for multiplayer too. There would be lots of good maps and there would be a feature that lets you build maps your own in game maps similar to Forge from Halo. There would be certain achievements you can get during the game and you can unlock stuff by finding B-1 battle droid heads hidden in levels, just like the Halo skulls but it's a battle droid head instead. For multiplayer you can chose to be a Clone, Niemodian, Gossam, Geonosian, Trandoshan, Muun, Skakoan, Droid, or Nimbus Commando. Each of those would have certain armor and accessories and some special ones too that can be unlocked by getting certain achievements and finding certain battle droid heads. For the clones you could have Phase I or Phase II armor, commando armor, and Arc trooper armor and some accessories from RC multiplayer and others too and for all sides the accessories actually do stuff. For each side you chose a primary and secondary color for your armor. The game modes would be the same as in RC with others too.
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