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Creative pwnage

I'm always looking for new ways to pwn in TFU. I've memorized all of the moves, powers and combos to the point where I'm looking to go beyond them. Through enviornment objects and stacked combos (not the ones that flow).

I've learned that continuing damage will leave the enemy alive for additional force powers to be used on it, allowing continuous force use until you let him die or finish it with a ground stab.

My best moments have involved a grip + impale in the Death Star beam, with the saber flying back seconds before activation. I've also had a regular saber throw take out 2 stormtroopers, before catching it and performing a X+A saber combo.

The Y+B combo slam + grip before the enemy lands is another way to open up the chain. From here you can impale, slam & stab, or grenade the dead enemy. If you stab you can grip again if you act fast enough. A few times I've done all of these and ended it with throwing the body into explosive crates, into the death star laser, and out a window. I've also slamed crates down on the body, and once I vaporized it with the laser in the TIE facility. Some really hardcore stuff.

Another thing I like to do is grip + impale/lightning + slam down at my feet + stab on the ground.

What other combos do you guys have that go beyond the standard chains?
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