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I posted a thread for the game on and they just locked it up for no reason. FIGURES!!! Everytime someone has a good idea they always get turned down and never get to tell anybody. This is the way I see it: They always try to make everything like the dumb Original Trilogy or like the Clone Wars show where they only make boring games instead of action games. Just look at the Old Republic. You can see and hear that a lot of stuff in there is based on the Original Trilogy, that will just make it boring. Instead of making new stuff they just make everything dull and boring like the Original Trilogy or kiddy like the Clone Wars instead of making any thing new or with action. Which is probably the reason they won't make RC 2. The reason everyone makes fun of Star Wars is because they won't add action. They just keep it boring like the Original Trilogy or kiddy like the Clone Wars show. Nobody probably liked the Prequel Trilogy just because it didn't have Original Trilogy stuff. That's my theory on why they don't make anything with action and just keep everything the same.
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