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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Actually it does. A skilled blademaster with two in hand.

That's really the trick; it's more difficult to fight with two blades, but one who has mastered fighting with two will be more effective than mastering the use of only one. I'd place my bets on a Master swordsman with a single blade beating a fair opponent wielding two. If it were one master against another, then the master fighting with two would have the edge. Only there are fewer with that level of experience because of the additional practice required.

True! That can be a real possibility, but as you say there are very few with that level of experience; and it almost takes a lifetime to be able to master two blades with some level of precision.

But when that does happen and you do come up against someone who is a master of two blades, well that's another reason for having that back-up blade on you like I mentioned before. If he or she has not already cut you down, then you've got a chance when you whip out the other blade or lightsaber with your other hand. Then it becomes even steven, two blades ver. two blades, which can depend somewhat on your level of expertise of using those two blades as well.

But most of all, it can give you a fighting chance of possibly staying alive and maybe even defeating your opponent. (Well, maybe.)


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