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Originally Posted by purifier View Post
If he or she has not already cut you down, then you've got a chance when you whip out the other blade or lightsaber with your other hand. Then it becomes even steven, two blades ver. two blades, which can depend somewhat on your level of expertise of using those two blades as well.
That's not exactly 'even steven' except in regards to equal weapons. In regards to SW, Count Dooku was considered a level 9 master swordsman; but he was noted to dislike using two sabers. This being so would mean that he likely wouldn't turn to a backup saber because he hadn't trained intensively on using it. He would have been much better just using one than adding another to the mix.

I'll admit that the curved hilt has an advantage when used with both hands that can't be done with duel sabers. The advantages of the curved hilt and tonfa grip are that they are not widely used, making them more difficult to counter. An opponent that knows how to fight with two sabers will be more likely to beat another opponent wielding two sabers than one holding a Dooku saber. That is not exactly due to the single being better, but because that particular user knows tricks that the other doesn't.
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