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Here's something from the Group Page:

Actually, for the star destroyers, I think there's a line from Part II giving a bit of a description of the Republic and Sith Star Destroyers:
Originally Posted by Alkonium View Post
(FYI to All: neither the Sith nor the Republic use Imperial-class Star Destroyers. The Sith Star Destroyer has twin command towers, much like a Venator-class Star Destroyer, but other wise it's completely different. It has three aft exhaust panels, like an Imperial Star Destroyer, and has a smooth, curved dorsal hull. Its command towers loom 500 m above the rest of the ship, similar to the spire on the Invisible Hand. The Republic Star Destroyer is more reminiscent of the Venator design, but with only one command tower. It is much more angular than its Sith counterpart, and has six aft exhaust panels, similar to the Venator-class Star Destroyer. And yes, I know it seems odd that both sides use Star Destroyers.)
Does that help? For the Republic Star Destroyer, think of it as a mix between an Acclamator and a Venator-class Star Destroyer. If you can think of any other ships, I'll try to give descriptions until I can draw them up.
X-38: X-Wing, but more streamlined, additional laser cannons at the bow.
ATT: LAAT/i, but with an circular exhaust panel on each corner of the stern. Wings are more curved. Bow is more angular.
TIE Wraith: Same typical cockpit as other TIE models, but with four claw-like laser laser cannons protruding out from the corners.
TIE Marauder: TIE Interceptor with longer cockpit, and four "wings" instead of two.
AT-WP: Same size as an AT-TE, six legs, two sets of turrets on each side, central rotating cockpit.
That, and anything CommanderQ mentioned in Part V. And the ATT and the AT-WP are Republic vehicles.

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