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Mird'ika walked away from the recently acquired Telosian shuttle (the spoils of a battle during his recruiting drive) and towards the rendezvous point Ky'ram had given him.
Manda'yaim wasn't as he remembered.
The Mandalorians were rebuilding and starting new cities, but the work was slow, and the native wildlife didn't make things easier.
He was flanked by one of the handful of Mandalorians he had gathered, a Togorian named Malgruff.
"Are you sure this is the right place?" Malgruff asked as he removed his helmet.
"Don't worry, he'll show up." Mird said as he took a look at his friends armor. The dark silver plates were covered in teal markings that glittered every time they came in contact with light.
Mird'ika sat down at the bar -gesturing for Malgruff to do the same- and removed his helmet.
Ky'ram would arrive soon with Toola's sister...

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