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((That was fast!))

Mird'ika turned around as soon as he heard Kyr'ika's voice. Walking with him was a silver skinned Twi'lek female wearing a suit of light Beskar'gam.

"I hear that you know my sister." She said to Mird'ika.

"You must be Jeer'la, "Mird said as he turned on his stool, "Toola talked a lot about you before we escaped Vorreesh the Hutt."

He turned to Ky'ram, "I can take you both to Vren's ship, but it is recommended that you, "he said looking at Kyr'ika, "will wither have to change your armor, or wait on my shuttle."
With that he gestured towards Malgruff who gulped down the rest of his drink and walked out of the bar with the rest of them.

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