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Kotor/TSL: i use Dual Sabers. mostly because of game mechanics. (more space for upgrades)

JA: I have gone through phases using each saber type and wondering how i could have ever gone without it. but after trying them all, in JA i am convinced that the Single Saber is the best. the fast style's lunge + the strong style's powerful attacks makes for very effective dueling. in JA currently, i feel i am playing the best ive ever played (my latest playthrough), and thats with strong. its very easy to destroy opponents with one well timed strong style downstroke, cutting them in half lengthwise. (according to the Wookiepedia article, this is called a Sai Tok.) another effective use of strong is to 'recycle' wide horizontal strikes by performing a 360 degree spin, bringing the saber back onto the opponent while still in the same attack. (Shun/ Jung Ma.)

SW: I would choose a Single Saber with Soresu and non-backhand Shien/Djem So because their tenets appeal to me. Shien was my primary stlye in TSL, iirc. in JA, my favorite way of taking down a whole battalion of stormtroopers is to switch to fast style and deflect their bolts right back at them.
in regard to Shien, i believe my current style of combat in JA is Djem So. (repeatedly hammering opponents' defense with hard smashes with my saber. this is extremely effective against very tough opponents like rebornmasters. and recently, i was able to defeat kyle_boss in what seemed like under 2 minutes [perhaps less] by using this technique)

[edit]^ did it again in under 30 seconds. djem so ftw! [/edit]

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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