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Originally Posted by WraithPrince View Post
Wii versions is trash next gen ones which the pc will get is maybe rentable
game buy if really like it.
Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
From what I've heard from those who have played the Wii version, saying it is
'trash' doesn't sound too far from true. Certainly, it doesn't seem at all on par with the benefits of the
next-gen (surely it must be 'this-gen by now?) versions. The PS£ presentation was playable for a good
ten to twelve hours, I'd say...once through, once again, while collecting holocrons. Then the dlc, etc.
Before the game was released, I expected the controls to make or break the Wii version. When I
played it, I was surprised to see that the controls really weren't bad, it's the dumb gameplay and
atrocious level design that rubbed me the wrong way (graphics were also an eyesore, but I consider
myself a pragmatic player who can ignore graphics and focus on gameplay when needed). That's pretty
much why I question my standards since I would believe that the X360/PS3 version is roughly the
same thing, only prettier.

But then again, perhaps that's the point of the game: to look pretty while you repetitively cleave
down enemies. Though if that's the case, I hope this won't become the norm in gaming.

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