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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
I figured since the other areas of LF have their little threads about cool neat stuff, why not make one here?

Alas, this thread. However, the condition for this thread is that it has to be about gadgets and gizmos. Please. (maybe chucking dead raccoons once in awhile). About things you have, things you want, things your buddy has, etc.

I'll start off: Blu-Ray reader laser assembly. Spare. You can make your own blue/purple laser pointer out of one. I am desirous of buying one, or two...or ten. Making a home built blu-ray laser pointer. I mean, they now have them in just about any optical color output now. What wouldn't be awesome about building your own that is one off from the normal red or green?

Anyhoo, yea.

Anybody else on gadgets and gizmos?
Are you serious?

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