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Name: Yoroi Mitarashi
Age: 19
Rank: Jonin
Appearance: Jet black hair, green eyes. Generally prefers dark clothes.
Personality: Tries to be as friendly and mask the fact that he is cursed.
Weapons/Equipment: Dai Katana
Nature Type: Nightmare (Cursed Chakra)
-Nightmare Drain Jutsu - Takes the target's nightmares and makes them close to real using the target's chakra. Leaves target drained and psychologically scarred.
-Blood Clone Jutsu - Uses the blood of the recently deceased to create a clone of the caster.
-Summoning Jutsu: Nightmare Horror - Creates a monster from the caster's nightmares. Uses a great deal of chakra.
-Nightmare Release: Nightmare and Blood Fusion Jutsu
-Nightmare Release: Armor of Endless Terror
-Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan
Background: Yoroi Mitarashi is a Leaf Jonin who was cursed by Orochimaru's followers at a young age of 10 during the Chunin Exam and the Invasion of the Hidden Leaf Village. He had happened to be wandering around in the forest rather than attending class and discovered the Otokagure Ninja preparing to summon a giant three headed snake. Before he could run off and warn everyone, he was captured and cursed. He last his natural alignment towards fire and his ability to use normal chakra. It seemed that his dreams of becoming a Shinobi were over, but one day he discovered how to use his cursed chakra in order to preform some of the most unholy Jutsu available. As such Yoroi was very skilled at assassination missions and body guard duties, as he would be able to use the recently departed against others or wound them psychologically. Yoroi irregardless loathes his abilities as he is generally a very cheerful and bright individual. He pledges to use his dark jutsu for as much good as possible, hoping to redeem himself in his own eyes.

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