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I thought of some stuff so far for the story. It starts out on Kamino in a way similar to RC then it shows a cutscene of the main character Alpha-59 and Alpha-18 talking to Jango Fett. Then your training begins and throughout the level you go through a bunch of training exercises, simulations, and other things. Then at the end of the level there is a cutscene where Alpha-59 talks to Alpha-18 and befriends him and then Alpha-18 asks why doesn't he where a kama like other Arcs and then Alpha-59 says that he doesn't wear skirts. Then there is a cutscene where Jango Fett and Taun We talk to them and Jango Fett says to Alpha-59 and Alpha-18 that they were some of his favorite Arcs that he trained and that he is proud of them. Then Taun We tells them they will have to go into stasis until they are needed and then all the Alpha-class Arc troopers go into stasis tanks and the level ends. That's what I have for the first level.

EDIT:Also this is important, I will be leaving tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to go on vacation and won't be back until the 21st or 22nd.

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