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Originally Posted by Rakata Prime View Post
I have the same problem. I can`t open the maintenance door after I
answerd all 3 questions at the medicalroom-computer panel.I also collected, after I answerd all 3 questions, this card that the czerka employee losed.
I have no idea what I could do. Please help.... and sorry for my bad english
Im german
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Originally Posted by jxxx22 View Post
After i finished BoS and returned to the Ebon Hawk, i tried to upgrade Shadow's lightsaber, but i couldn't open the crystal upgrade screen for this lightsaber and after i closed the workbench screen, the lightsaber dissapeared from my inventory.
I tried looking the previous posts but i couldn't find anything.
Is this a known bug or it's just happening to me?
This has been reported before if I remember correctly. I'm not sure what could be causing it. I'll have to look into it.

Also the first patch has finally been released, fixing a number of reported bugs which I've managed to replicate and fix since BoS:SR's release a few months back. A full list of the changes can be found below.

- Adds a workaround for the cutscene bug where the player would sometimes not enter the Administrator's office.
- Adds a workaround for the cutscene bug where the Administrator's droids would sometimes not enter his office.
- Fixes a bug where sometimes the screen would not fade in at the beginning of bos_orion2.mod.
- Makes it possible to freely travel to the Residential Level and beyond following the completion of the main questline.
- Disables "Mass Transit to Ebon Hawk" feature on some modules.
- Revises difficulty of the 4 final vision battles.
- Tweaks difficulty of bos_chamber.mod Solomon boss fight.
- Revises the strength of Mandalore's Axes.
- Revises the difficulty of the Mandalore boss fight.
- Fixes a bug where Nat Koh would teleport outside of the Leisure Officer's appartment upon loading from a save created during the climax of the Backwater Entertainment quest.
- Removes South Beach area transition in bos_sintem.mod.
- Adds alignment scripts to certain dialogue choices in vision1.mod.
- Fixes a bug where the journal would be updated with a blank quest entry after Shadow is added to the party.
- Fixes a bug where it was possible for the corrupted messenger to spawn when you enter Korriban with Shadow in the party after the original confrontation.
- Fixes a bug where it was possible to open certain plot specific locked doors with a really high security skill.
- Fixes a bug where Shadow would respond with her standard dialogue if spoken to during the bos_chamber.mod Solomon boss fight.
- Corrects reported spelling/gramatical errors.
For the moment a megaupload link will have to suffice. When it's available on KoTORFiles, I'll be sure to post a link.

Sorry for the delay. I've just been having too much fun away from KoTOR.

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