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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
I'll start off: Blu-Ray reader laser assembly. Spare. You can make your own blue/purple laser pointer out of one. I am desirous of buying one, or two...or ten. Making a home built blu-ray laser pointer. I mean, they now have them in just about any optical color output now. What wouldn't be awesome about building your own that is one off from the normal red or green?

Anyhoo, yea.

Anybody else on gadgets and gizmos?

Well now that does sound like a pretty cool idea, I didn't know you could do that.

Speaking of which.....I got this Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointer awhile back, I thought that was a pretty neat idea.

You know somebody made some money off that.

Yeah, Yeah, I know.....that is a really geeky thing to buy, but I couldn't help it. I thought it was soooo cool at the time when I bought it.

EDIT: Wow, I just check out your link, man there is some really interesting info in that article. Very interesting indeed.


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