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@ AGP: You've stumbled into a very old community and a lot of the people who started out 10 years ago are now in Administrative positions, so take note that we are watching what's going on in here.

Luka has been a part of this community for a long time and he was just worried and naturally suspicious of java applets... and to be honest, so am I. In fact, anyone with any experience on the net won't simply trust a Java applet off the bat when a new guy comes in and starts posting it up, so don't take it so personally.

I did check it out though (on a different computer... as I said, don't trust these things) and didn't find anything wrong with it in the end.

Anyway, enjoy your stay in Aresen, though to be honest, you won't find many people in here who are actively playing Rogue Squadron anymore... unless LucasArts decides to release the N64 version on Wii VC... which would be pretty awesome if they did XD |

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