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Update time.

The Dark Jedi Armour Pack is still in progress. I'll do some more work on it soon, then release it.

I've started making two new mods for the first game, though.

One is a Sith Head pack. Basically it lets you use the heads of the 6 Sith with unique appearances that you meet on Korriban. (Uthar Wynn, Yuthura Ban, Jorak Uln, Shaardan, Mekel and Lashowe).

That's coming along nicely. The only thing left to do is the Dark Side Transitions (lightside transitions in Jorak, Yuthura and Uthar's cases ) on a few of the heads and making the portraits. The only head 100% complete so far is Uthar, with Yuthura and Uthar following close behind. A sort of bonus with this mod is that when you see Yuthura on Dantooine, she'll have her lightside skin instead of her DS one.

The second mod is quite a bit smaller. Basically it adds all 3 variants of the Sith Officer uniform (for both males and females) for use by you and your party. They replace the PMBJ (Darth Revan robes) model. I've opted for replacing models as opposed to 2da editiing as 2da editing would mean people using custom head mods who want to use the items would have to do some editing on their own.

This is almost done, there's just a weird bug with the females to sort out before I finish it off and release it. I may do a Republic style reskin of the uniform as well, not decided yet.

Here are the male uniforms:

Guess who that head is the LS skin of.
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