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Originally Posted by rc-2212payback View Post
I don't know if anyone else noticed this but...

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So there is my little tripe... nothing big or anything, but just a little annoying...
Yeah, I only just noticed this myself. Because the hands were so dirty, I thought they were gloves until I looked at the actual texture. :P

It will be fixed in the next patch.

Originally Posted by jxxx22 View Post
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I've never been able to replicate this bug, so it's pretty difficult to fix. Is their any way of finding what caused KOTOR to crash via an error report or something? I'm not really sure.

Originally Posted by jxxx22 View Post
3rd: If you open your savegame with the savegame editor and check your quest list, you will find an erroneous entry there (this bug is probably related to the bug where you get a blank quest, even though i applied the patch, loaded a previous savegame, and made sure the blank quest was not there, the errenous entry remains).
The save included is an old save, and was made at a time when multiple mods were installed. The quest entry must be from one of those old mods.

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