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Okay so I won't say it absolutely.

They are not the best activity one can do during the limited time they have to themselves. They're fun, enjoyable, entertaining, stress-relievers, and do have some skill involved for some.

However there are so many other activities that would benefit you much more than playing video games. They generally demand minimal cognitive skills, that is in regards to exercising your mind. There are puzzles in some that I've seen, but many of the puzzles don't change to make you think harder once you've figured it out. Learning controls is one thing, but becoming an expert on playing TFU does little after using the game ~3 hours. One you've learned the controls, then you've exercised your mind the most you could with that game. If you did a large number of games and kept learning new ones, that is better than doing one game for the same amount of time.

You would do much better to play sports, run, or just having a conversation than games. You have physical, metal, and social health; all of which are not enhanced much by video games. In so doing them, you allow your mind and body to diminish. If you play only one hour a day, with all other activities that get you off the couch, then there is nothing to worry about. If playing games causes you to not get out of the house, or to read a book now and again, then that it becomes harmful.
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