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Keen, you're an ass

Well, since people keep posting here, I decided to finally register. I saw this thread a while ago, but I figured people would post on the newer forum those JKLE guys made, so I registered on there.

Check out this thread I made. It's got some good history stuff

Here's an update of what's been going on: I kept in touch with many MOTS people for many years. But at this point it's just been too long, so I've lost touch with most.

I still talk to Phoenix_NBK because he's one of my best real life friends. He's married and has 2 kids.
I lost touch with YoungGun. Last time I talked to him was probably 4 years ago...he was happily married.
Suffo I stayed in touch with too, but then he just completely disappeared. I've tried to get in touch with him several times, but he never returns a single phone call. I guess he became too important with his music stuff to talk to old friends.
Nicodemus I still talk to like once or twice a year. He still lives like an hour from me, so I'm sure we'll hang out again one of these days. He still drinks Bud Ice, and so do I, lol.
Sticky_NBK's cell number is in my phone, so technically we're in touch, but we haven't spoken in a couple years. He's happily married too, last I heard.
Kuatnow and Law are still on the east coast. I very recently found them both and added them on Facebook.

I think that's about all. Hope I won't be the last to post here.
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