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Artemis Black looked up at the sky and saw that it was getting late. He wasn't in too much of a hurry. After all he had just taken down a man who tried to attack him. Thats just something he needed to be ready for in his line of work. He smiled as he looked down at thr brand new watch he got from the man. That was the best part about being a con artist, well that and getting away with it. He continued through the streets until the mansion was in sight. Artemis was quite excited to be part of this party since the reward was so grand. His uncle who had gotten sick over the past few days worked for the owner of this mansion for a long time. He didn't know why Ben E. Faktor was doing this but he loved this man like he was his father right now. He was a very gracious mand for giving away all his money to someone. Artemis arived at the door of the mansion and gave a loud knock. He was let in by a maid who told him he would be staying in the Cyan room. She quickly showed him to his room and than left to go prepare for dinner. He walked down the stairs when a certain long haird woman caught his attention. The maid said he could talk to the other guests and it would be rude is he didn't introduce himself. He made his way over to the woman and looked into her blue eyes.

"My my, why I had no idea the first guest I'd get the pleasure of meeting would be as breathtaking as you are." he said using his old boyish charm.
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