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Dusty, dark, uninviting. But it was not greed that motivated Jacob Reynolds as he stepped through the front door of a mansion too great for any one person, forcing himself into the house with a great deal of reluctance. Dimly lit, it was not a place he would ever want to live. Maybe he could get transferred to San Diego...

"Thank you," he remarked politely to the servant as she took his belongings single-handedly. Venturing in the direction of several voices, Reynolds stumbled on a parlor of epic proportions. A grand table marked the center of the room, a number of beautiful, deeply-colored chairs filling the empty spaces. Entire walls were lined with dusty books of all colors and sizes. All were marred by layers of gray dust and neglect.

His eyes met his ears, each capturing the two men and one woman in the room.

"You are?" The woman asked sheepishly, obviously entranced with her pursuant.

Cutting the man off, "The name's Jacob Reynolds, ma'am. Allow me to announce what a pleasure it is to meet all of you fine people."
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