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Artemis eyed the ring on Shakhmaty's finger. He eyed the color of the ring and the stone that rested on top of it. He knew it couldn't be a wedding ring, she looked to fancy for a ring like that. He smiled as he looked over at her.

"Artemis Black, a pleasure to meet you Shakhmaty Killian," he said as he took her hand a kissed it before letting it go.

He took a seat and looked over at Shakhmaty with that same expression on his face. He then heard a new voice and looked over. He saw two men, both seemed to be quite nice people

"Nice to meet you both, and thank you for the compliment Mr. Lee. My name is Artemis Black, its nice ot meet you both."

"So Miss Shakhmaty, I must say that is quite a rare name. Its beautiful much like yourself but rare. So tell me about yourself Miss Shakhmaty, I must say I'm rather curious."

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