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A small, slim rather shady figure clad in almost all black slowly made his way down the steps. Corbin had soft purple bruises under his eyes, obviously from the lack of sleep. His bloodshot violet eyes looked around the room, scanning for anything that might be a human. He sighed and stepped back slightly as he noticed several humans in the room. He had his hand around his invitation that was neatly rolled up like a scroll. Even though he was a very intelligent, but slightly anti-social individual, he liked to keep things neat and tidy. Which was odd for an intelligent man, most were nasty, greasy and messy. His jet black hair was neatly combed off to the side of his face, covering a small portion of his left eyebrow and eye. He descended the stairs completely, quietly. He stood next to the fire place, not really wanting to be seen in the big commotion, however he had little choice, seeing as the maid was caught in the middle of it. "Uhhh... miss... I was wondering if I could have an extra pillow?" He murmured quietly in his soft tenor voice. "I kind of need it to rest my neck on when I am sitting in the chair..." But the reason he wouldn't take one of the pillows off his bed, was because he was such a neat freak. He smiled politely at the other guests. "I guess you're here about the money as well?"

Wants to post something epically amazing here... will work on that laterz.
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