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He rolled his eyes and poked at the fire with it's poker. He sat down in front of it, the blazing heat feeling good compared to the rest of the ice cold house. He gazed again at everyone and slid his hand over his hand gun, that he kept in his pocket, for saftey. He slid his hand into his other pocket and pulled out a package of playing cards. "Anyone up for a bit of poker?" He said, mildly bored with the notion, but he knew that dinner was to be served soon. He growled under his breath and started shuffling the cards, wanting to be alone, he however knew that these guests obviously wouldn't allow that. His bloodshot eyes looked up at the maid momentarily and nodded slightly. "I do believe that we have at least one more guest arriving, is there enough food for everyone?"

Wants to post something epically amazing here... will work on that laterz.
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