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Corbin frowned slightly down at the food on his plate. He had just recently turned into a vegetarian and this food was purely meat, because that is what he had like way back in October. He picked up his fork and knife and poked at the food, not really wanting to be rude. The smell just seemed to make him gag. He hadn't smelled cooked meat in so long. He looked at his goblet and shook his head... a glass of water, of course... although it was oddly colored, just a faint blue color in his glass. He glanced around while the blessing was going on and he leaned over to the plant and poured out his glass into it's base, just to be on the safe side. He picked up his canteen and opened it. He looked at the others and bowed his head and then lifted it, just as the blessing was being finished.

Wants to post something epically amazing here... will work on that laterz.
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