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Shakhmaty absolutely exulted at what was revealed on her tray: lobster pot pie with a sherry cream sauce! She had not had such a luxurious entree since...well, since the hotel at which the Maine Chess Finals had taken place. Oddly enough, she'd had luncheon with Lucretia Claiborne that afternoon.

What? How had Faktor known--No one could have. Not even the officials knew the deal that I struck with her that morning. No one. It's impossible... Yet there it was, lobster pot pie upon her tray, and there was nothing she could do but try to enjoy it. Relish it she would. This was a redemptive meal for her, for she'd repented of her cheating ways and made no more deals. Of course, her opponent had not cared. She kept demanding money.

No matter. Once she had the ten million dollars, all would be put to rights. She could pay Lucretia all she wanted, on the sly. No one had to know at all.

Taking a gingerly bite of the lobster meat with her fork, she noticed that Corbin seemed to be uncomfortable with his meal. Roast lamb. Perhaps he was a vegetarian, or perhaps he simply did not care for lamb. Whatever the case, he also preferred to drink out of his canteen rather than his water goblet. A strange fellow, indeed. Shakhmaty continued eating and watching.
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