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A hard heavy knock sounded on the mansion doors, said knock resounding and reverberating throughout the entire building, showing the knockers resilience and strength.

The pair that stepped in from the outside world were quite different than the now-residents of the Faktor mansion, darker than most people who lived in Maine, and quite exotic by their descent, they were quite a sight to behold.

The first person anyone would notice was a tall, and although of average size width-wise, one could see the strain his vest and jacket buttons were having keeping his strong chest inside. He was quite obviously the knocker, and although older than any other resident, of the manor, he was still quite handsome, and if age had done anything to him, it was only to dignify him more and more as the years had gone by. In his wide hands he carried luggage, and strapped to his back were art supplies, including an easel. He smiled at the maid who had opened the door for them, but received no response from the woman, which didn't seem to hamper him in the least, seeing as he was used to far worse behavior.

To the man's right, and behind him a bit, partially blocked by his frame, stood an exquisite specimen of a young lady, whose sharp cunning eyes darted to-and-fro pseudo-innocently taking in the surroundings, the shear appearance of said eyes seemingly impaling everything they settled on with a subtle subversion.

The girl took the lead from then on, saying to the man, "Come on Higz, I hear conversing, perhaps even revelry, let's go investigate." The man merely glanced at his hands, and then smiled and nodded at her, following the young and ambitious girl into the area where all of the other guests and residents were. The girl motioned with her hand ever-so-slightly as they approached, the man setting the luggage down in response, and folding his hands in polite gesture to the others, donning a faint smile.

"Hello everyone," the girl spoke up, interrupting just about everyone speaking at the moment, not caring one bit, she herself donning a smile, only far more broad than her companion's. "My name is Shani Burdock, Heiress," she said simply, but in a somewhat elaborate way. "And this is my Majordomo, Origen Kobald-Gewerk," she introduced excitedly - "Hello," Origen said finally, but quickly, not giving anyone much of a chance to register how he sounded. On the opposite side, Shani spoke a lot, in a very soft but melodious voice that could both enchant, and chastise, when the time came.

Shani proceeded to go to each guest and either bow, or shake their hand; a rather simplistic thing to do, but also a somewhat childish, and unnecessary gesture on her part. The young woman stopped at the only other real female guest in the room, and proceeded to curtsy, smiling mischievously at the woman in front of her, then the girl proceeded to seat herself next to the older woman, the girl's Majordomo silently, and almost ominously hovering up behind the girl, and standing there politely, and inconspicuously, but positioning himself slightly towards the older woman, for both multiple, and unknown reasons.

"Hello there. I'm most certainly glad there's another lady present among the guests, I would hate to have thought what it would have been like to come to this party with nothing but men," the girl said teasingly, with an unknown twinkle in her astounding eyes. "As I introduced when I came into the room, my name's Shani, but you can call me Ebony, if you like. And this strapping older fellow is my good, and dare I say, only friend, Origen, but I just call him Higz; I'm sure he's as glad, if not more, to meet you as I am," the young woman said, raising her thin eyebrows ever-so-slightly, suggesting that she was hinting at something, or contemplating the other woman. For a brief moment the girl examined the older woman, taking in every detailed; she was dressed well, quite beautifully even, and she had all of the applications of an intellectual woman, a plus in Shani's book, considering her own intellect. The woman also had a stunning figure, one rarely seen by Shani in these areas, her own figure was a bit more petite, due to her age, but was also quite stunning, suggesting how she would look in her older years, when she reached her fellow woman's age. Shani let her slender fingers trail along her lips as she sat staring, only briefly but with a stark flat pan stare, at the other equally, if not more, beautiful woman.

Higz glanced at the older woman, then at Ebony, and tapped her softly, causing the young woman to nod and smile cheerily, if not sheepishly, "sorry, I tend to envy beautiful older women." The young woman admitted bluntly. "Oh! I forgot, I never got your name, Higz and I would greatly enjoy the knowledge of your title," she said rather extravagantly, motioning with her fingers, and a smile that she was all ears, and almost absentmindedly ignoring the fact that everyone was eating.

((Meh, not good, not bad, but it'll have to do, I was taking too long with it anyways.))

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)

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