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Henrietta closed her eyes for a moment, meditating. All is well. Everything is in place. The guests are here, every single one of them, and perhaps now we can get on with the game. I think it a rather odd way for Mister Faktor to dispose of his fortune, but it is his choice, not mine. After all, I'm only the maid! Who am I to discern his motives, or his plans for the ten million?

The gas suddenly came back on, along with the few electric lights in the house.

She heard the dumbwaiter rattle near her. Ah. He's sent the letter down. While the guests were busy eating dinner, she opened the door to the tiny compartment as quietly as a mouse would. Reading the letter with eyes that bespoke foreknowledge instead of disinterest, she loudly cleared her throat. "Ahem. I have a letter from the master of the house, which I will now read to you--if you'd be so kind as to stop talking." Silence fell over the dining room, wallpapered in a green, textured sort of drapery. All eyes looked to her. Finally, they're paying attention to me, or rather to the master...

"Dear Guests:

"I humbly regret to inform you that I will not be able to attend dinner downstairs. Please ask for Henrietta to bring me my tray. She knows where to find me. As for you: What would a New Year's Eve party be without games? The contest that must be won, in order to procure the entire sum of the ten million dollars I've earned throughout my lifetime, is exactly this.

"I am a private man, and have told no one save Henrietta of my private life. No one knows the real circumstances of my birth, or how I came to run the Icecliff Steel Foundry. For starters, Benjamin Edward Faktor is not my real name. It is a pseudonym, a moniker, one that I chose for myself because I was ashamed of my parents and their status as mere laborers. I am a self-made man, and at the end of my life, I wish to reveal what God made me.

"Look for toys I loved as a child. You shall know my name. There begins your journey, but there it does not end. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open.

"I remain your host,
Benjamin Edward Faktor"
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