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Artemis looked over at Corbin and watched as he tossed the the drink out of his cup. He also watched as he didn't eat his food either. Artemis looked at his glass and than back over to the plant. Artemis felt a little concerned as to why he wouldn't drink the drink. After all he did say he was tired, why waste a good drink like that. Artemis than remembered that Corbin was here before all of them. He pushed his drink forward without taking a sip and just sat there looking at the others. When you're out in the streets everyday and you see someone acting odd it means they're hiding something. if they're hiding something chances are they just killed someone. Besides he wasn't that hungry, his eyes were focused on the new girl that walked in. She had a bodyguard or whatever she called him with her. As she sat down next to Shakhmaty she began making conversation with her alone; girl talk he guessed. The majordomo stood over the girl like a hawk.

"Hey big guy, do you want to sit down and eat some food, or do you plan on standing the rest of the night?"

He didn't expect the power to go out and looked around some more. The maid read a letter that came from the host himself. He was a little confused by the letter but just shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess you'll be looking for a chess set first," he said giving Shakhmaty a playful grin.
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