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At the mention of the words chess set, Henrietta gasped. Checkmate. She noticed one of her guests trembling a little bit...

Artemis Black, the smile frozen on his face, suddenly seized up and fell forward, right smack into his plate. Shakhmaty Killian screamed, and the other guests either jumped back in startled fright or stared, unable to move. He had eaten a little bit of food before his sudden demise, which meant only one thing: either he'd had a sudden heart attack, or the dish he'd nibbled on had been poisoned--literally. Never mind the power going out. This being only the year 1911, when electricity was still rare around these parts, only a few lights in the house had been "wired". Mister Faktor had preferred gaslight.

"Oh, good heavens!" Henrietta quickly put on some butler's gloves and rushed over to where Mister Black now lay deceased, his face permanently greased by his favorite food, pasta carbonara. "No one panic. It's all under control."

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