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((CRUD! He's dead, I was still typing when everything transpired! I'll edit accordingly.))

"Hey big guy, do you want to sit down and eat some food, or do you plan on standing the rest of the night?" Came the words of one of the guests, Higz looking around for the speaker, his eyes resting on a relatively handsome, but ulteriorly shifty looking fellow.

Higz simply cocked his head and frowned slightly, not understanding why he was being called "Big Guy" when he wasn't all that large, just tall, and strapping, and quite broad in the chest...and thick in the arms.....Ok, so he was pretty big in someone who didn't exercise regularly's eyes, not saying the man who had gotten his attention didn't exercise, he could just stand to be a little healthier.

Higz glanced at Ebony, who glanced up at him, nodding with a tender smile, and then returning her gaze to the older woman, still awaiting her response to the question of a title.

The "Big Guy" moved around to where the other man sat, and took a seat next to him, and from that seat Higz could see Ebony, the older woman, and he could converse with the other fellow. "No, I would rather procure my own food from the pantries later, once everyone's asleep, so I know what I'm eating. I enjoy eating certain things, and I most certainly enjoy eating healthy things," Higz said to the man finally, his voice finally being heard clearly; the only description for his said voice was fluid, somewhat deep, somewhat rough, and all around rich with Mediterranean accent, but had quite a noticeable hint of etiquette behind it.

"As for standing, yes, I would have, seeing as I'm used to it, but since you spoke up, I guess I will," he finished responding with a light smile. He proffered his strong hand in a handshake and said, "My name is Origen, as the young lady over there said, but you may call me Higz if you wish, as she does. What's your name, if I may so boldly ask?"

Before he could even give his hand the man began to seize, and then colapsed in a rather unflattering manner, right next to the poor Heiress Attendant. Who proceeded to jump out of his seat in a very urgent manner, realizing exactly what had just happened, but too late to do anything.

"He's gone...quite quickly too," came Higz' words rather neutrally, almost as if what had just happened didn't faze him in the least.

The Majordomo turned to the maid who was hovering over the man's corpse. "I'll help you carry him out if you like ma'am?"

As Higz proceeded to sit with the man who'd called him out, Ebony simply sat waiting patiently for a response from the older woman, only to have said man burst into sudden convulsions and then die right in front of her. The others seemed to be shocked, the girl was not, no, she had a more bemused look on her face as she stood and went around to the dead man, moving the plate of food away, she examined him and then returned to her seat, a cruel calculating look covering her face.

She then turned to the now terrified older woman, and smiled comfortingly, grabbing the woman's hand and patting it softly, trying to calm her. "It'll be okay, Higz will help remove the body, and after we've all gathered our senses together we can proceed to figuring out what exactly took place, we can't just instantly assume he was murdered after all, now can we?" The intelligent and practical young woman said, moving one hand up to the woman's shoulder in a friendly gesture

((...............Late, again...........I'm not editing this time.....again!))

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