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"Oh, so I'm a murderer now?" Henrietta scoffed. "The maid did it instead of the butler? I've heard that old cliche a thousand times, and I'm not falling for it! All Mister Faktor wanted was a nice, quiet New Year's Eve celebration, and lest you accuse him of being the killer, he is not. He is the kindest, most honorable man I've ever known, and he..." She heard some more rattling. "Either a train went by, or--No matter. If you'll excuse me, I must remove the body of our unfortunate guest to the cellar. It's absolutely frigid down there, and the morgue is closed this evening." The flustered maid attempted to lift the body out of the chair, but she could not do it.

Shakhmaty suddenly stood up. "Tell us the truth. Who could have poisoned Mister Black's food? If it wasn't you, or Mister Faktor, then who did it?"

Henrietta stared at her beautiful young guest with cold, grey eyes.

"You want the truth? This mansion is haunted, Miss Killian. Here be ghosts."
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