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Corbin's soft violet eyes turned hard. Whoever did this to Artemis would pay... he swore it silently over the dead man's body. He looked at Higz. "I don't care... I'm going to help you, regardless. That man was the closest thing I had to a friend, in the short time I knew him... besides... I watched my mother and father being murdered... my father's bloodied body fell on the floor, his neck gashed by a knife, I was hiding under the bed in the hotel room and as for my mother... she was murdered in our own home not three months later... we were playing a game and then I saw as a man broke into the house and shot her with a hand gun... the ironic thing is later, that very hand gun killed the same man and it was given to me, in memory of my mother..." He murmured, running his hand, subconsciously along the hand gun in his pocket. "So I have seen death and dead bodies... so whatever you are trying to keep me from, I don't care... I'm not afraid of death. Death is immenint... but murder must be brought to justice... besides, I would like to observe the corpse..."

Wants to post something epically amazing here... will work on that laterz.
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