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it isnt a shader problem, its a problem where when you replace a texture, for some reason, the pawn uses the shader as its skin(nolight and dark differences).

EDIT: i figured it out!!! first, go to the clonecommando07 texture and rightclick, properties. then open hidden. next, see the thing that says

textures'clonetextures'clonetextures'clonecommando 07 ? copy it. then open

up the actor classes and find pawn. then ct pawn, then republic, then

clonecommando. then cloncommando 07 and open its properties. open the display tab and skins. it should say shader'clonetextures'clonetextures'clonecommando07 overwrite it with what you just copied

because when you edit the textures,it thinks it should use the shader which has no light and dark

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