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Overall an excellent mod (it is refreshing and a nice break from the search for the star maps).

Although I did encounter a rather odd glitch: While in the main chamber of the Temple of Shadow, just after defeating Solomon and Akirakan Sin makes his appearance, Sin's model is replaced with one of the faces from the character selection screen (the one with long brownish hair) and the clothing is that of a republic soldier. Also when Verbal is just about to set off the detonators, his model is replaced with that of a Sith soldier (blackish/gray hair and razor-like scars on the sides of his forehead.)

The beach glitch (which takes you to the unknown planet) was funny in my opinion, but I can understand why you're fixing it.

Apart from the few glitches that were mentioned here (and before by other members, i.e. crashes), this was an excellent mod that definitely made the game worth playing through again.

And to those of you who found the boss battles difficult, two words: Master Speed.
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