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Yeah, I've got a graduate class starting Tuesday. I'm only taking one this semester, but I'm told its the hardest, most-involved, so that's probably a good thing. I'm not sure if I'll get on tonight, but I'll try to find some time one evening this week. I'm actually working both Saturday and Sunday this week -new software testing/validation at work.

I'm still surprised at the ease with which I was able to play in Linux. The Frame Rate was probably not as good as it would on a decent XP machine, but I've been on servers with a good machine where it was far choppier.

I need to upgrade my graphics card for Vista/XP use. I have an older nVidia and as soon as I enter a game like BF or JA, it freezes with the screen looking like a kaleidescope and I have to reboot. At first I thought it was my power supply, so I replaced it. Then I thought it was a poor install of XP, so I upgraded to Vista. I even formated the Win drive and installed there. Then I thought it could be a problem associated with not having the SATA driver loaded (Linux doesn't need all that garbage).

The only thing left is a bad mobo or bad video card.

I'm telling you, you know Ubuntu Linux has come a long way when it's easier to install and manage than Windows.

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