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About The Maltese Falcon itself...a lot of people don't realize there are three film versions of it and the one with Bogart is the third. The first version was called The Maltese Falcon when it was released but when shown on TV it's renamed Dangerous Female to avoid (and cause) confusion. This version was released in 1931 so it has the static quality of early talkies. It stars Ricardo Cortez and Bebe Daniels. This version is slick where the 1941 version is gritty. But in some ways it's more faithful to the novel because it's pre-Code, especially in the scene where the fat man palms the one bill and blames the woman.. In the 1941 version Bogart simply believes Mary Astor when she denies it. In the 1931 version as in the novel Cortez strip searches Daniels before he believes her. But the 1941 is more true to the spirit of the novel. The second version is called Satan Met a Lady (in Dashiell Hamett's novel, Spade is described as looking like a blonde Satan) and is, believe it or not, a comedy. And not a good one. This version stars Warren William and Bette Davis (who in later years called it the worst movie she ever made).

Several film noir movies are based on detective or crime novels, which is why I used hardboiled detective stories as the model for what I did in the GF novelization. Not sure how well that comes through, if at all.
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