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Shakhmaty giggled, but then froze. "That's because...I see a ghost behind you." She saw Ebony whirl around, but she laid a gentle hand on her friend's shoulder. "Don't worry. You have nothing to fear from this one." Tears sprang to her blue eyes as she saw who it was. It was Higz, desperately trying to hug his lovely ward but failing to completely realize that he was--ethereal. She supposed that sometimes ghosts had a hard time "giving up the ghost", especially when they had been so suddenly and gruesomely murdered. As for Higz, his transparent form, failing to reach Ebony, turned to Shakhmaty.

"Close your eyes," she said to Ebony. "Try and feel his hug." She listened intently. "Higz says that he loves you more than if you were a flesh-and-blood member of his family. He--He'll try and protect you as long as you're in this house. He also says...look in your pocket?" The chess player was puzzled. Sure enough, in the pocket of Ebony's dress there was something sticking out. It looked like a playing card, crumpled and worn with age.
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