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By the way, I was bored and just wrote this thread to start some **** with the JK people on those forums. Figured I'd post it here too

Thread title: "I own you all..."

That is called an attention grabber. The real reason I made this thread is to state my argument on why MOTS was superior to JK. Which, I guess, validates the title, but whatever...

Far fewer people played MOTS than JK. This is JK's one true advantage. The more people, the more competition. This applies to all video games. But that is not the only factor deciding how much skill a game requires. Just look at Counter Strike. Probably the most popular FPS of all time, but designed for newbies. In a sense, that's why it was so popular. Literally anybody could play it. There's absolutely no doubt that JK/MOTS took more skill than CS, hence the far smaller communities. Anyway, with game population out of the way...

Let's talk about damage. JK's damage was not quite perfect. It took only 2 direct Conc rifle shots to get a kill. In MOTS, they changed it to 3. This created a bigger gap between the good and bad players. It took a bit more effort to get kills, and took away some luck. But mainly, it greatly helped with spawn rape. Being able to take more damage allowed players a much better chance to get back into the game after they died once. The game came down to more than just controlling the map, like JK.

MOTS also had much more powerful weapons than JK, to balance the "extra health". Seekers could completely own anybody in the open, and Carbonite was a guaranteed death if a good player got near you with it. So the Conc wasn't your only salvation. After dying, you could go for 3 different weapon types, and have a reasonable chance of changing the momentum of the game. Compare this with JK, where if you died once, you most likely lost the match. Because after that, you were just raped, not able to get the ONE gun in the game that was usable, because it was controlled by your opponent. This made things more interesting for the person getting the kill too.
Instead of just getting to spawn rape the opponent, after getting a kill, you had to actually keep playing.

But enough about about damage. Here is the main point of this post. JK had a grand total of 2 maps. If you played guns, you played on Oasis. If you played sabers, you played on BGJ. If you were a master of the game and played both, you were a master of two whole maps. This is very different from most FPS games, that have a plethora of playable maps. JK came down to pure repetition. There was very little thinking involved; no new material was learned. It was simple repetition of the same exact thing. Naturally, people who had done it 1000 times more than others were better.

MOTS, on the other hand, was much different. There were a lot more game types and a lot more maps to master. And here is the ultimate difference:
To be considered one of the best in JK, you had to be really good at one total game type, on one total map.
To be considered one of the best in MOTS, you had to be good at every single game type in the game - and we had a lot a more:
NF Guns
NF Sabers
FF Guns
FF Sabers
Soldiers only
Scouts only
Bounty Hunters only

Plus more maps:
Cargo Ship
Tat. Homestead
Throne Room
Hutt Palace
Plus quite a few custom maps, and unlike JK, these weren't all just ports of Oasis or BGJ.

That is exactly twice the total game types of JK and several times the levels. And don't think these were just "possibilities". They were some of the most played game types and maps in the history of the game. And to be mentioned as one of the best, you had to be very good at every single one (or something like 95% of them). Some of the game types were very different from anything JK had to offer. Soldiers played more like a Quake-type FPS, BH came down to knowing something most didn't, and Scouts was something no other game has had in the history of gaming.

The greatest part of the game, however, was Personalities. All 4 were allowed: Jedi, Soldier, Bouty Hunter, and Scout. They were extremely well balanced. While certain classes dominated on one map, others dominated other maps. The different combinations of top players playing different personalities on different maps was something JK had no possible way of competing with. And again, all the people considered "one of the best of all time" were really good at everything the game had to offer.

Lastly, I think everybody that was at least semi-actively involved in both communities would admit that ours was better. It was smaller, but it was also a lot more tightly-knit. There were far fewer idiots, and far fewer newbies. We did have the same great **** talk; after all, it was the Zone. It just wasn't quite as much drama as JK.

Anyway, of course I'm not saying that JK didn't require a lot of skill. I'm saying that MOTS required the same skill, plus a lot more. While JK was completely focused, MOTS was well-rounded. It's like comparing a regular track athlete with a decathlete. You can have a guy that's really good at high jump, but sucks horribly at every single other track&field event. And then you have a decathlete, who dominates in 10 different events. Doesn't mean the great high jumper sucks. Just means the decathletes are much better athletes overall

And don't bring up Usain Bolt, because he doesn't seem to be human.

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