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Shakhmaty gingerly removed the crumpled card from the pocket of Ebony's dress. "It's a Tarot card," she said, "like the ones I have in my deck, but a hell of a lot older. Speaking of Hell...oh, dear. The Devil. Not good."

She flipped the card over, being careful to hide it from the eyes of the other guests nearby. Reading what it said caused chills to crawl up her spine. If it was true...There could only be one source of the kind of ultimate power that this "D.C." character was referring to, and it lay right on the front of the card.

Of course. Whom could she trust? She had already promised Ebony her sweet devotion--and five million dollars--if she happened to win Benjamin E. Faktor's "game" and inherit his fortune. However, Ebony really couldn't see or hear ghosts, like she could. That meant Shakhmaty needed a third party, and besides, if either she or Ebony were murdered, then all was lost. However, who was the one guest in this entire mansion that didn't care only about money? More than that, who would be willing to protect them both if needed?

It was Helen Taft, or rather the ghost of Helen Taft, who had the answer:

The green man. The naval officer with a mind and a past of his own.

Shakhmaty couldn't believe it. Jacob Reynolds? He sees ghosts?

Aye. Take the word of Icecliff's only true clairvoyant, herself a specter!

Out loud, she only said, "Ebony? Mister Reynolds? Would you care to join me for a bit of chess in the Game Room?" Indeed...the pieces are moving.
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