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Originally Posted by Ghost Down View Post
Damn, great looking head. The scar actually makes sense, because Revan got shot at by Malak.

BTW. Maybe for a V2 you could tone down the red of the DS scar, so that is more natural looking like the regular one? Oh, why don't you upload this on KOTOR Files?
I can do that. I actually did it because I always give a story to all the art I create. Basically the scar is supposed to be glowing red, like the eyes, because the evilness that's coming from inside him is getting out, and since the muscle is showing through it's emitting that kind of light. Did that make sense? Anyhoo, when I get back into modding I'll throw a new .tga in there.
As far as KOTOR Files goes, I haven't been able to send anything to them. I tried sending my Mara Jade back when it was closing down and ever since then I haven't been able to upload anything there. Also I can't an email response from the moderators there either. I think my firewall is messing with me, because I can't send out email to work from my home computer either.

Originally Posted by Jedi_Man View Post
This is the head I use all the time, but I find the scar too large for my taste. If it were smaller, like an over the eye, but thats all, that would be awesome.
Hey awesome! Glad to know my hard work pays off for someone! Do you mean nix the whole lip scar and leave the lower half of the scar off?

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