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OJP Enhanced 1.2

I am trying to create my own private server but am having tons of trouble as I have looked for hours trying to find a tutorial or code that I could use to create my server.

I install OPJ Enhanced 1.2 fine and it runs fine. This is the code from the OPJ Enhanced Server File.

//---------------Server Settings
set sv_hostname "Rise of the Fallen"
set g_motd "The Sun Shall Rise When The Blood Of The Pure Is Spilt"
set sv_allowDownload "0" // 0 means the server won’t try to send files to the client
set sv_pure "0" // 1 prevents some cheats but also use of skins and other files
set sv_fps "50" //boost the game's server fps.
set sv_maxclients 6 // the maximum number of players you will host. Related to your upload bandwidth and sv_maxrate
set rconpassword ""

//master servers
set sv_master2 ""
set sv_master3 ""
set sv_master4 ""
set sv_master5 ""
set sv_master6 ""

//Optional Misc Settings
set g_friendlyfire "0" // 1 means your weapons can damage teammates
set bot_honorableduelacceptance "1" //bots will accept duels
set g_privateDuel "1" //allow private duels
set g_multiDuel "2" //allow multiple privaet duels
set g_doWarmup "0" //no map warmups
set g_dismember "100" //full dismemberment when possible
set g_saberLockFactor "0"

//Default Game Limits
set duel_fraglimit "50" //For Duel, the number of rounds to win the map\game
set capturelimit "8" // number of flag captures to win and end a CTF game before time runs out

//Weapon Disable Cvars
//524279 is sabers only
//524275 is sabers/melee only
set g_weapondisable "0" //use bit values to allow or deny weapons. 0 means full weapons

//Voting options
set sv_AllowVote "1" // 0 to disable voting, 1 to enable voting
set g_vote "0"
set g_AllowMapVote "0"
set g_AllowGametypeVote "0"
set g_AllowTeamVote "0"
set g_AllowKickVote "0"

//------------------------Optional OJP Settings-------------------
set ojp_motd "MY MOTD"
set ojp_clientMOTD "My MOTD"

//Experience Settings
set g_minExpLevel 5 //set starting experience points
set g_maxExpLevel 100 //set maximum experience points

//-----------------------------------OJP Auto-Admin Settings-------------
set g_teamForceBalance "4"
set g_autoKickTKSpammers "5"
set g_autoKickKillSpammers "6"

//OJP Saber settings
ojp_teamrgbsabers 1

//-----------------------------Gametype settings------------------------------
//sets frag, capture, and time limits, and bot levels for each gametype
set jmon "g_privateDuel "1"; fraglimit "50"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 2; set bot_minplayers 8"
set ctfOn "g_privateDuel "0"; capturelimit "5"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 8; set bot_minplayers 12"
set ctyOn "g_privateDuel "0"; capturelimit "5"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 9; set bot_minplayers 12"
set holoOn "g_privateDuel "1"; fraglimit "50"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 1; set bot_minplayers 8"
set ffaOn "g_privateDuel "1"; fraglimit "50"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 0; set bot_minplayers 8"

set g_autoMapCycle "0" //set to "1" to start auto map cycle; leave at "0" to use custom cycle

//Custom map cycle loads all maps and 5 different gametypes; adjust as needed

// FFA
set d1 "vstr ffaOn; map mp/ffa1; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "vstr ffaOn; map mp/ffa2; set nextmap vstr d3"

//Jedi Master
set d3 "vstr jmOn; map mp/ffa3; set nextmap vstr d4"
set d4 "vstr jmOn; map mp/ffa4; set nextmap vstr d5"

//Holcron FFA
set d5 "vstr holoOn; map mp/ffa5; set nextmap vstr d6"

set d6 "vstr ctfOn; map mp/ctf1; set nextmap vstr d7"
set d7 "vstr ctfOn; map mp/ctf2; set nextmap vstr d8"
set d8 "vstr ctfOn; map mp/ctf3; set nextmap vstr d9"

set d9 "vstr ctyOn; map mp/ctf4; set nextmap vstr d10"
set d10 "vstr ctyOn; map mp/ctf5; set nextmap vstr d11"

// start the first map
vstr d1

///--------------Default Maps
// mp/ffa1 Vjun Sentinel
// mp/ffa2 Korriban Tombs
// mp/ffa3 Tatooine City
// mp/ffa4 Rift Sanctuary
// mp/ffa5 Taspir
// mp/ffa_bonus1 Gas Mine
// mp/ffa_bonus2 The Fortress
// mp/ffa_bonus3 Conquest of Byss
// mp/ffa_bonus4 Ord Mantell Canyon

// mp/ctf1 Imperial Drop Zone
// mp/ctf2 Hoth Wasteland
// mp/ctf3 Yavin Hilltops
// mp/ctf4 Coruscant Streets
// mp/ctf5 Factory
// mp/ctf_bonus1 Rift of Shadows

// mp/siege_hoth Hoth Attack
// mp/siege_desert Desert Rescue
// mp/siege_korriban Korriban Valley

// mp/duel1 Bespin Courtyard
// mp/duel2 Generator Room
// mp/duel3 Imperial Shaft
// mp/duel4 Imperial Control Room
// mp/duel5 Taspir Landing
// mp/duel6 Yavin Training Area
// mp/duel7 Rancor Pit
// mp/duel8 Abandoned City
// mp/duel9 Hoth Canyon
// mp/duel10 Vjun Fuel Processing

When I click the OJP Enhanced Server icon to start up a dedicated server, it doesn't appear on my Internet server list.

I would be grateful if someone would be able to modify it so it has the following:
-password protected (private server)
-ffa only, other modes don't interest me
-250 points to squander as you please in either force or gunnery skills
-force regeneration to be decent

Also, how does one login with the rcon password?
Would be greatly appreciated as I tried this mod today and it's exactly what I've been searching for, another reason I want to get a server up is because all the ones around me which is only like 7 servers are too high of ping.
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