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Oh great Tech Community, I invoke thy powers to give me advice!

As some of you may know, I happen to have a spanking new computer that has a decent onboard video solution to boot. I plan on buying a video card by Christmas this year, so I was wondering what the local rap is about graphic cards.

I have my eyes on ATi's 4470 and 4850, the latter appears to have higher benchmarks, but the latter has some sexy tech wizardry with GDDR5 memory or some such. I do not know about the nVidia camp, so I'm especially interested if there are any nVidia cards worth their salt (I hear they have that fancy new PhysX thingie included now).

Budget is $100, low cost is appreciated. Card should last out for some 3-4 years (be able to play new games at Highest/High/Medium-High at least), and I'm not too interested in overclocking.

Current system:

AMD Phenom X4 9950 BE
2 GB RAM (will prolly buy another 2GB stick with the GPU)
One PCIe slot (no crossfire/SLI kthxbai)

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