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Well, to let my fellow LF members know: Lightsaber Props. IRL. Stuff that is fun to have as well as to showcase. Behold...

There are custom lightsabers built out there and some of them are actually made after the ones in the KOTOR games. Available for you to buy. ~$100 give or take. Maybe not all the bells and whistles like clash and sound, but it is enough to make you stand out.
Kotor styled, Sith Ravager (short), Malak, Nihilus. And some from the prequel era...and others, still.

They only get more expensive:

Very well balanced and crafted for dueling or display. Prepare to spend a pretty penny. They specialize in making ventress or dooku styled hilts. Taken from originally defunct or dead MRFX, or other brand lightsaber parts.

OR more broken down into components:

Make your own hilts, buy parts and components. (I'm plenty satisfied with the business I've done with them!!!) Very informative. Very helpful. You learn so much about the various types of lightsaber props to play with.

The definite choice of the DIY enthusiast. Especially if you like to improvise from parts lying around. Not unlike sith or jedi who make their own.

Perhaps you just want a modded MRFX? Check it:
Whom I believe to be the first in this duelable high quality saber business. They pioneered this and innovated in this industry. Have made improved soundboards w/ additional effects for the light.

Alex Buckner, if you're reading this--I'm sorry about my doubts early on which lead to some...rather rude comments (disbelief) when you were starting on just seemed *too good to be true*. Another ebay scammer. ...or so I thought.

...Well, I'm glad to be proven wrong here. Your dueling blades are well worth it. You even give DIY people great DVD instrucitons w/ a kit for turning their old worn out MRFX into an "ultraFX".
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