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It certainly is. It's basically a drop-in replacement for a SCUMM interpreter program; which means that it emulates (at a very high standard) the original functions of the original SCUMM interpreter.

Very similar to something like a SNES emulator actually, the main difference is that its interpretation of the code is not necessarily built around creating a complete working software "copy" of original hardware functions.

One thing that SCUMMVM does not emulate at all is the save-game function - instead they use their own, and as a result are completely unable to save or load original save games.
Quote :

"ScummVM is a project in which there is an attempt to rewrite the original executable file of a given game, based on the game's original source code or by using reverse engineering techniques to see the code that's contained in the game's executable and rewrite it in C++. This means that ScummVM's executable can be used to replace the game's original one, but of course the game's data files (graphics, audio, game scripts etc) are needed to play the game itself. Therefore, ScummVM is NOT an emulator of a specific operating system, as, for example, DOSBox is for DOS. ScummVM is actually a full rewrite of each game's engine, which has many advantages: "

It's not the same thing as emulation. Each interpreter is rewritten from scratch. Feel free to head on over to ScummVM and tell the devs that their program is an emulator. They will most certainly disagree with you.
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