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Originally Posted by Jona View Post
You can rest it as much as you want, it's still not an emulator.
This has been discussed plenty of times over at ScummVM before.

Since you obviously can't be bothered to go over there yourself, here is a reply from one of the devs to one of the many times this question has been asked:
I already know all this. Don't assume I don't. I've read their opinions before. Doesn't change a thing. Scientologists don't acknowledge that their "belief system" is a cult you know, that doesn't stop the rest of us calling it that.

ScummVM does not emulate an OS, we've already established that, and it doesn't emulate hardware either like most traditional emulators do. But it still emulates the functions of the original game interpreters; which is basically the same thing. The SCUMM system itself worked like this: compiled resource files + launcher/interpreter. Console systems like the SNES worked much the same, except that the "launcher" was the system OS in the console itself, and the compiled code was on the ROM; so basically an emulator has to emulate the OS and (to some degree) the hardware on which the original OS relies. ScummVM is basically the same only the program to run the code isn't an OS that runs from a system but is contained within the game release. I fail to see a tangible difference that would mean ScummVM is anything other than a program designed to replicate the functions of another program - ie designed to emulate an original program on a different platform.

By the way, the example given is a fairly poor one considering that MAME emulates MANY different systems (individual machine support) just like how SCUMMVM emulates many different "systems" (individual game support). SCUMMVM and MAME are more similar then MAME and DOSBOX. In fact even their version numbers are similar: MAME - v0.133 ... SCUMMVM - v0.13.1 - they're both pre-1.0 versions because not all games are fully supported; like I said they really are similar in that way. is offline   you may: quote & reply,